Peggy's Brain Oozing...

You Didn't Know You Needed To Hear!

So, here we go. 

BLOG #1 - 1/29/24

I really dislike Election Season because it's not just a season, it has become an everyday monster, uncontrollable and darker and scarier as Halloween, which is really fun. Usually.

But now we have so many fake players wearing fake identities to tell fake stories. The biggest asshole of them all is the former POTUS.
Why distorted reality makes society vote for, or be friends with sex abusers, liars, cheaters, client-abusers, name callers, absolute monsters, etc.?

Besides the elections that seem to not have not ended since 2008, we have war. 

When I was a kid, we waited for our stepdad to send a letter, or call from whatever ship he was on, during the Vietnam War. Why does all this hurt my head? We know things immediately these days. And the sadness is endless. 

Sadness including why our country doesn't fix itself before throwing money at other countries. We have people sleeping wherever, digging though trash for a meal, standing at intersections waiting for a handout.

And why does RENO need to have so many toys drives during the holidays? I feel these families probably register at each drive and have a better Christmas that most of our kids did.

By this time in my life, my silly imagination told me, maybe suggested, things would be happy, calmer, truthful, no worries. Just sunny walks with our dog while our cats sun-bathe. 

My body has been broken and repaired, but sadness hurts it more than anything.