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The coloring book sells for 3/$10 or $5 each if shipped and does include shipping.

Local price is 4/$10 and personal delivery is an option.
Discount prices are offered for large quantity purchases and non-profit agencies. These books can be and have been shipped out of the United States.

To order copies for your classroom, office, family reunion, or to gift to customers, please call 775.626.0982 or send me an email to

This book is endorsed by Washoe County Regional Animal Services Center in Reno, NV.

American Red Cross Animal Hero 2016:


Sections of My Grapefruit includes:
poetry, short stories, dreams, musings, astral travel, life, loss, love.

Rew’s ensemble represents her life, memories and dreams while in and out of her earthsuit as well as her endless love-link to her pets.

We all experience nostalgic glimmers, sentimental sparks, pulp fiction flashes and reality clusters of separating sections, peeling the rind, stinging pain, and if you are as lucky as me, the juicy joy of experiencing new landscapes.

I live truthfully through my poems. Forbidden fruit and unconditional love should be exposed and shared. I hope there is something here for you…to savor, to enjoy, to borrow!

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Grapefruit is $12.00 or 2 for $20 plus $5 for postage.
Credit Cards are welcome with a $2 fee.