Rew Books & Wordsmith Offerings

Books are always on hand FOR PURCHASE:

My DOG BITE PREVENTION COLORING BOOKS are $5 each or 4/$10 which includes shipping. Prices are less if I can hand deliver. I also offer non-profit pet rescues, Vet Hospitals and agencies  an ‘at cost’ rate plus shipping. There’s also a space on the inside of the back cover for your contact information. All proceeds do go to many non-profit pet rescue organizations.


GRAPEFRUIT BOOKS are $7.50 each or 2/$10 delivered locally or plus shipping.






I also sell my Rescue Me cling. It is 5″ x 8.5″ and can be placed on any window.


Line Editing: An extra set of eyes to proof your novel, biography, article, screenplay, thesis, or company promotional material or correspondence: assess grammar, punctuation, flow, tense, word count & POV.

Tag Lines: Create a business tag line for biz cards, websites, networking gatherings & your new products or promotional material.

Freelance: Magazines, newspapers, newsletters or I can provide short articles to include in your own business newsletter.

Press Releases & Advertorials: Flattering, yet factual and to the point in an acceptable format.

Lost Art of Letter Writing: Dispute, cover, recommendation, grant requests, etc!

Ghostwriter: I write it, create it or design it, but you sign it!

Flyers, Invites: Colorful, original, eye-catchers!!