Next class:

Become a Prepared Pet Parent with Dog and Cat First Aid & CPR.  You are the ALPHA!  You must be the pack leader!

Class time/location:

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 • 9 – 11:30am
Wednesday, September 27th • 6 – 8:30pm
TMCC Meadowood Center
5270 Neil Rd., South Bldg.
Reno, NV  89502

Class discussion topics:

  • How to prepare for emergencies, relocation, weather problems;
  • Build a well-stocked first aid kit for humans and for your dogs and/or cats;
  • Learn creative muzzling techniques, even for your own pet;
  • how to treat allergic reactions, snake or insect bite situations;
  • Tips to remove sap, ice balls, tar or gum from paws and fur;
  • Symptoms and remedies of heatstroke, frostbite, seizures, doggie dementia;
  • Treat and wrap a wound, remedies to stop bleeding;
  • Choking relief or rescue techniques;
  • where is my pet’s heart and how to do CPR on my dog or cat;
  • Calming remedies and techniques for fear, fireworks, thunder and lightning;
  • How to track my pet’s resting vitals and detect when there is a problem;
  • Prevention tips for household poison hazards

Class Fees:

$39 payable to TMCC.  No breathing pets are needed as we have assistants.

If you can’t make this class, please call or email… we’ll get you into another one.  775.626.0982 or   This is the best 2 hours you can spend to be prepared for your furry friends!  I do travel anywhere in the U.S., so if you know someone who would like to host a class, give them my information.


Interested in attending or hosting a class?  Please email @  Peggy will travel anywhere.